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About me!

Who is the Webmaster?

Hello! I'm a 20-something American, masquerading as a GIS analyst by day and unleashing my true serial hobbyist self by night. You can call me :-)

I've been collecting MLPs since I was 12, and so I know a lot about these little pieces of plastic. You can find me at Truly_Scrumptious on the My Little Pony Trading Post.

I'm nonbinary maverique. Please use they/them or ze/zir pronouns for me!

Why My Little Pony?

Good question - I wrote a paper related to this in undergrad, and I think I'll revamp it as an answer here. Watch this space!

Why Neocities?

This website previously existed in a different form on Weebly. However, I came back to my site after an absence and found that Weebly had merged in some sense or other with a company called Square. I didn't even know what Square was, and now I needed to make an account with them to continue editing my site.

This was a free process, and Weebly remains free to use, but this was just a mark against using Weebly in my mind - I didn't know the future of Weebly, so the future of my site wasn't really in my hands. That, combined with the recent breakdowns of various large capitalist social media sites, led me to actually make the move to Neocities. The catalyst had been a post on Tumblr encouraging others to use Neocities to create their own website as independence from said profit-driven algorithmic sites. I saw that post, thought about my own fatigue with the capitalist internet, and now here I am!


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