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Site Updates!

3/13/24: I added another bio! I really want to get that part of the page populated. *ignores the nonexistent Beauty Salon page and the missing G5 page*

1/24/24: Drumroll please - the G4 page is now live! And pretty much up to date :) I also fixed some broken internal links and such.

11/16/23: Added a good amount of photos to the Retro section in G1! (via collections tab)

11/15/23: The Ponyland page now has one (1) bio linked to it! I was trying to code modals for this but that fucked me up so bad for some reason that I took a break from the site lol, but now that I'm NOT doing modals, expect some more stuff in the near(er) future!

8/26/23: Added a G3 page! It can be accessed via the Collection tab.

8/6/23: I made new art for the homepage banner! The image is transparent, the pixel sky used as the backdrop is linked in the homepage footer.

8/4/23: Added an About Me page! You can access it from the sidebar on the left.

8/2/23: Added my G2 collection! I also started work on the Ponyland page, but it's still very much a WIP.

7/30/23: Added petite ponies to G1 Year 8, Stardazzle to G1 Year 9, and an Italian Snuzzle to G1 NonU.S.!