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Pillow Talk's Household

Pillow Talk

  • Gender: man
  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Job: textile artist and store owner
  • Partner(s): none
  • Children: 2 (Sleepyhead, Nightcap)
  • Other Family: Princess Tiffany (cousin)

Pillow Talk is a hardworking single father, trying to raise his children Nightcap and Sleepy Head well. He is a creative and artistic person who owns a shop selling hoof-dyed fabrics and clothing. He works closely with Sparkler and other business owners to provide a wide range of products and create new things.

While he is very proud of his business, his children are his main priority. It can be hard sometimes, but ultimately raising them is extremely rewarding and he's excited to see who his kids become! He often commiserates with Sprinkler about the woes of solo parenthood, and they trade off babysitting duties and set up play-dates.

Pillow Talk with his son Sleepy Head.

Shooting Star is the mother of Pillow Talk's children. She occasionally visits them, but is not an entirely regular fixture in the kids' lives. For that reason, Pillow Talk tries to give his children enough care for two parents combined. It's a good thing he has good friends around him to help out!

Shooting Star having a picnic with Nightcap and Sleepy Head during one of her visits.

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