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  • Gender: unknown
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Job: something cosmically important, probably
  • Partner(s): unknown
  • Children: unknown
  • Other Family: unknown

Stardazzle is a bit of a mystery to Ponyland. She's not from here, at the very least, though she sometimes spends her time here. There are three younger ponies that follow her everywhere - Polaris, Milky Way, and Nova, who all have strange streaks of starlight sprouting from their heads. None are seen without her, and defer to her in all matters.


Milky Way


Stardazzle is larger than any other pony in the land, and she has a curious keyhole affixed to her chest. Some gossipy ponies say that she's no pony at all. Others say that there's a key to match. However, most chalk the keyhole up to jewelry, and her physical size up to the natural diversity of ponies. Gem eyes, glittering hides, manes that change color in the light... what's another oddity?

If you were to ask Stardazzle herself, she would say that she is simply a historian. Of what, nopony is sure.

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