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Warning: some of these pictures were taken on a potato. Eyes may bleed. I want to retake some pics with my better camera/lighting situation, but, y'know, life.

Year 1 (1982)- My Little Pony is born!

Original 6

Flat-foot Bluebelle
Cotton Candy

Year 2 (1983)

Earth Ponies

Concave-foot Bluebelle
Concave-foot Bluebelle on the right and Flat-foot Bluebelle on the left!
Snuzzle - this is my first favorite G1! She got me collecting ♥



Rainbow Ponies

Parasol - she was never on my wishlist but I got super lucky
and thrifted her, and I think she looks so sweet! ♥



Playset Ponies


Year 3 (1984)

Earth Ponies




Baby Ponies

Baby Cuddles
Baby Firefly

Play and Care Sets

Baby Cotton Candy - she was SO dirty inside!
Her hair is stained from the rust, and I haven't
figured out the best way to fix it yet.


Heart Throb - another huge favorite I'm so glad to finally have!

Year 4 (1985)

So-Soft Ponies

So-Soft Lickety - holy moly this photo quality is ass. Definitely looking forward to redoing it!
Lofty - he is a boy to me and I love him!

Twinkle-eye Ponies

Fizzy - one of my very favorites :) so happy to have her in such good condition!
Sweet Pop

Flutter Ponies

Morning Glory

Party Gift Pack Ponies

Party Time
Best Wishes
Yum Yum
Baby Frosting - where-ever Baby Frosting found themself before me, someone painted glitter eyeshadow on them. It's kinda cute!

Playset Ponies

Baby Half-Note

Year 5 (1986)

Princess Ponies

Princess Sparkle
Princess Tiffany
Princess Serena
Princess Primrose

Twice-As-Fancy Ponies

Dancing Butterflies
Up, Up, and Away
Milky Way

First Tooth Baby Ponies

Baby Fifi

Seasparkle Baby Sea Ponies

Sea Breeze

Newborn Twin Baby Ponies

Baby Tattles
Baby Noodles

Slumber Party Gift Pack

Pillow Talk - I adore this pony!! In this picture he is quite yellowed, but later on I used a homemade UV chamber to restore his color a bit. Please visit RetroGeekCrafts on YouTube for a great UV chamber tutorial!
Sleepy Head

Playset Ponies


Twinkle-Eye Ponies

Locket - my childhood favorite G1 pony! I didn't grow up with the toys but I had Flight to Cloud Castle on VHS.

So-Soft Ponies

Twilight - This girl went through a lot! I resculpted a chewed-off ear, deflocked her spotty flocking, repinked her hair, and painted over some scratches. Her restoration wasn't perfect but she is a very important part of my personal collection ♡

She is wearing a little necklace I made that says "repink" to mark her as repinked.

Year 6 (1987)

Princess Ponies

Princess Misty

Magic Message Ponies

Cuddles - an example of perhaps my favorite curls I've done in a long while!

Sundae Best Ponies

Peppermint Crunch

Year 7 (1988)

Sunshine Ponies

Beach Ball

Newborn Baby Ponies

Baby Tappy

Sparkle Ponies


Fancy Pants Baby Ponies

Baby Dots n' Hearts - Possibly my favorite baby pony ever. I love her colors and symbol so much!
Baby Starburst

Candy Cane Ponies

Caramel Crunch

Year 8 (1989)

Rainbow Curl Ponies

Ringlet - my favorite G1 overall. I love the entire line she's from!
Stripes - would you believe I found her at a thrift store in 2023 for a DOLLAR? I think I used up all my pony luck in that trip!

Ponytail Petite Ponies

Pizza - my favorite petite!

Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies

Twinkler - I am so happy to have her! I have a soft spot for space-themed ponies :)

Baby Sparkle Ponies

Baby Starflower

Year 9 (1990)

Teeny Tiny Ponies

Little Giggles - she was a gift and my first ever G1!

Secret Surprise Ponies

Stardazzle - I am so lucky to have found a listing with her key! What a grail! Her hair was white and her saddle yellowed/stained - I restored her saddle color somewhat and repinked her hair, although I've been meaning to deepen the pink soon to match her original shade more.
Turning the key in the mechanism on her chest opens her saddle. It used to hold a bracelet.
Stardazzle compared to the average pony - she is BIG!

Special Offer Ponies

Ember the Baby Pony

Baby Ember (pink version)

Sparkle Ponies

Stardancer - the difference between this mail-order Stardancer and the store-bought Stardancer is that this one has a little star symbol on her cheek (not pictured here).

Non-U.S. Exclusives

Macau "Jenny" (Snuzzle/Peachy) - Her unusual coloring is great! She is a very appreciated addition to my attempt at a Snuzzle army.
Jenny and U.S. Snuzzle!
Macau "Blosscotch" - a variant combining Butterscotch with Blossom's colors.
Collector's Pose Bowtie - I am so glad to have this grail! US Bowtie was only sold in the Shy Pose, while parts of Europe also sold this alternate pose of her.
Bowtie and U.S. Bowtie!
Italian Cotton Candy - this is the variant most closely resembling U.S. Cotton Candy.
Purple hearts variant Italian Snuzzle - an interesting variant in that the only major change is her symbol color!
Snuzzle and U.S. Snuzzle!


"World's Smallest" Snuzzle and Butterscotch
"World's Smallest" Snuzzle next to her namesake :-)
Loyal Subjects Glitter Snuzzle
Celestial Pony Polaris - I was so so excited when these ponies were announced!!! I've always loved the concept art for the original proposed set. Basic Fun's renditions are so cute!
Celestial Pony Nova
Celestial Pony Milky Way
Retro Firefly
Loyal Subjects Sundance - I was so disappointed when I bought two of these blind bags and got the same pony twice. But don't they look cute together?
MLPTP's very own mascot, now in the flesh! (plastic?) She is stunning, I'm so happy I was able to get one and have a piece of my favorite pony forum in my home :')
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