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Year 1 (2003)

Rainbow Ponies

Rainbow Dash

Playset Ponies

Cotton Candy

Seasonal Celebration/Promo Packs?

Butterscotch - I cannot for the life of me place this girl. Multiple Butterscotch releases can have a misplaced hoof heart, but this one also has a magnet so all I know is that she's an earlier release. For now, she lives here :)

Year 2 (2004)

Pony Packs

Lickity Split
Tink-a-tink-a-too - I'm actually not sure if this is a Year 1 or Year 2 version, so I just put her here for now :)

Perfectly Ponies


Year 3 (2005)

McDonald's Toys

Pinkie Pie

Jewel Birthday Ponies

January Joy

Wing Wishes

Toola Roola

Year 4 (2006)

Pegasus Ponies

Morning Monarch

Cutie Cascade Ponies

Comet Tail

Birthday Ponies

March Daffodil - she looks like such a sweetheart!

Year 5 (2007)

Best Friends Ponies

Butter Pop
Pretty Pop

Unicorn Ponies

Gardenia Glow

Halloween Ponies

Fun Fairy

Favorite Friends Ponies

Sunny Daze

Easter Ponies

Bashful Bonnet

Year 6 (2008)

McDonald's Toys

Pinkie Pie
Sweetie Belle
Rainbow Dash
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