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Year 1 (1997)

Secret Surprise Friends

Berry Bright
Clever Clover

Canopy Bed Playset

Light Heart - she's missing the plastic bit at the end of her tail, so a weird plastic part is sticking out. I covered it up a bit!

Year 2 (1998)

McDonald's Toys

Light Heart

Wedding Playset

Dainty Dove

Secret Surprise Friends

Sugar Belle

Year 3 (1999)

Royal Lady Ponies

Lady Moonshadow/Moonshine
Lady Cupcake

Princess Ponies

Princess Crystal - two photos of her, I couldn't decide which one I liked more :) She's my favorite G2! Very thoughtfully gifted to me in a trade by @Tak on the MLPTP, along with the two other ponies I have from Year 3.
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